Lirik lagu 'Shot' milik Mikha Angelo
Lirik lagu 'Shot' milik Mikha Angelo ( IG @mikha97)

Rilis Lagu, Ini Lirik Lagu 'Shot' Milik Penyanyi Mikha Angelo

20 Maret 2020 17:15 WIB

Sonora.ID - LaguShot’ yang dinyanyikan oleh Mikha Angelo telah dirilis pada 20 Maret 2020.

Lagu ini rupanya diciptakan sendiri oleh Mikha.

Berikut lirik laguShot’ milik Mikha Angelo.

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I feel it burnin,

won’t you let me out

and set me free again?

The clock is ticking,

but am I ready to go out

and start again?

Is this home?

The place where I used to feel so whole.

Now there are cracks up on the walls,

suddenly it doesn’t feel like home

Do I have to smile

and pretend?

but I don’t think I can take this


to my body

I don’t feel like I belong,

I don’t feel like I’m somebody

That I know,

or if I know you

Do you know how much it hurts me?

Now you’re just another memory to forget

Do you wonder,

how did our happy ending go?

I thought you had it in your hands,

must’ve lost it when we dance, oh well

Do I have to smile

and pretend?

but I don't think I can take this

I’m so used to loving you

never wanted to leave you

Do I have a place to go?

oh I have never felt this empty alone

Do you know how much I love you?

Do you know how much I care?

now you’re just another memory

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